Berat Pillow

$ 39.95

Elevate your interior design with our Berat pillowcase, a mesmerizing homage to Albania's "City of Windows Upon Windows." This intricately detailed design beautifully captures the essence of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its unique architecture. Explore the iconic landmarks like the Berat Castle perched atop the city's picturesque hills.

Whether you're an Albanian proud of your heritage or simply captivated by Berat's cultural richness, this pillowcase offers a timeless connection to the city's unique charm. Decorate your space and celebrate Berat's UNESCO heritage today with our Berat pillowcase.
Product Features

• 100% pre-shrunk polyester case • Fabric with a linen feel • Hidden zipper • Machine-washable case • Shape-retaining 100% polyester insert included (handwash only)