Ancient Albanian Symbols Basketball Jersey (Customizable)



Inspired by Edith Durham's exploration of Albania, our designers translated her discoveries of mysterious tattoos on children, women's hands, and gravestones into a unique pattern that intertwines 39 ancient symbols, evoking the Albanian heritage predating religious and ideological divides.

Archaeologists and historians find these symbols captivating, adding an extra layer to your jersey's story. While rooted in history, your jersey remains personal. Choose your lucky number on both sides and imprint your back with your name, nickname, family name, or team's identity. 

This jersey isn't just sportswear; it's a link between the past and your present identity.

    Product Features
    • 100% recycled polyester fabric
    • Two-way stretch fabric
    • Moisture-wicking material
    • UPF50+ protection
    • Regular fit