The legend said that Sultan Bayezid II had blessed his son-in-law, Sinan Pasha: "You are of princely blood, -so says the local tradition,- and if one day the Ottomans would lose their rule in Albania, they will be the descendants of Sinan who will inherit it." Know that this particular sultan had gotten the nickname 'the prophet'.

Who was Sinan Pasha and what connection did he have with Albania? Sinan Pasha was the husband of the daughter of Sultan Bayezit II, but his background is very interesting.

He was the second son of Gjedik Ahmet Pasha. The latter, according to the sources that Eqrem bey Vlora brings with various references, was originally from Vlora and was brought from there to the royal court, as was Gjergj Kastrioti, his brothers, and many other boys from the villages where the Ottomans invaded. Gjedik Ahmet Pasha was one of the most trusted people of Sultan Bayezid's father, that is, the Grand Vizier of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.

Gjedik Ahmet Pasha gained fame and the respect of the Sultan because he brought extraordinary profits to the Ottoman Empire. When Gjergj Kastrioti passed away, almost every Albanian land had fallen under Ottoman possession except Shkodra. Even though the food and military aid coming from Dalmatia were cut off, even though it was hit with cannons and heavy weapons, Shkodra, led by a Venetian commander who fought bravely, did not surrender.

Then it was seen that the only way to go beyond Shkodra and conquer Italy, which had always been the main goal of the Ottomans, was the development of an Ottoman naval fleet that would rule the Adriatic. For this was brought into the scene Gjedik Ahmet Pasha.

Gjedik Ahmet Pasha was very skilled and experienced. It was precisely he who made the Aegean Sea an Ottoman property and who conquered many Venetian and Greek islands. He was the one who subjugated Syria, Kurdistan, Crimea, Moldavia and Wallachia, Shkodra, and a part of Hungary.

But his relations with Sultan Bajezid II were very bad and this is exactly what made Sultan Bajezid II order the murder of him and his son Mehmet Pasha. Meanwhile, the second son (Sinan Pasha that we mentioned earlier) had married the daughter of Sultan Bayezid long before this happened.

It was the first time in the history of the Ottoman Empire that someone was rewarded in such a form of disloyalty and punishment after such great benefits that he had brought to the empire.

 "And strangely, this prophecy was fulfilled, when on November 28, 1912, Ismail Qemal bey Vlora became the first president of the Albanian state" - concludes Eqrem bey Vlora. So, Sinan Pasha, according to the connection made by Eqrem bey Vlora, came from the Vlora bloodline, the same family that greatly contributed in the foundation of the Albanian state and the first Albanian government.

Rudina Selami